Welcome to Bend Cycle Cab!


We help people ride bikes, or rather, take people anywhere they need on our customised bikes around London

We have a fleet of 12 varying bikes with carriages attached. All you have to do is phone us any time
of day and we’ll come running to grab you. Because we’re using a variation on the bike, we don’t
need to adhere to certain rules of the road and can use various different tours that you wouldn’t
otherwise get on a motorbike or taxi.

Expecting to get from one side of the city to another quickly? We’ll go right through the traffic and
avoid every bit of congestion in the city. We also can be called out if you’re looking to hire our
services for a romantic ride around any park in London or a ride by the Thames.

Take a look around out site to see what bikes we have and what we can offer you.

About Us

The idea for Bend Cycle Cab came about when we were actually holidaying on Spain’s Costa del Sol. We decided to rent a car to make it easy to get around, plus you know, there’s air conditioning in a car, which in southern Spain’s arid climate is a definite bonus.

But that got us to thinking. Nobody needs to hire a car in London, as there are so many other ways to get around. But if you are tourist do you really want to get stuck in traffic jams in a bus or in an expensive taxi, and on the Tube, you miss out on so many sites.

So that’s when the idea for bike carriages struck us. Peaceful and quick and you get to go through parks and see all of the most beautiful spots in London, it is the ideal mode of transport in the city.

That’s the story of how we came to have the idea for Bend Cycle Cab, which we have now grown into a successful business.

Types of Bike We Use

We only have a dozen or so bikes on offer, but that doesn’t mean we have a varied selection to
provide you with.

Our main bikes are all variations on the tuk-tuk, with one person (our team) for pedalling and space
in the back for two. We also have a modified version for single person travel where the extra space if
used for storage. So if you’ve got to deliver a package in person, or need somewhere to put all your
shopping, this is ideal for you.

We have a four person multi-bike which is very fun to use. A member of our team will show you how
to use it, and you can have the option of riding up to three people with the instructor, or brave it
and go alone as your wish.

All of our bikes are manual i.e. they don’t have engines, so if you are looking for a Bend Cycle Cab
please be aware that manpower will try and get you there as fast as humanly possible.

Bike Hire

It might sound like a bit of a barmy idea, but you can hire any of our bikes for any type of event. This
is something we’ve only been doing recently and it has been a hit for a wide variety of events.

So far we have had our larger bikes hired out for a business conference at the Excel Centre to get
people from one stall to another in an unique way, a company retreat to a micro-brewery (which
made for a very exciting evening) and even a wedding where we biked a newlywed couple from the
chapel to the reception.

If this is something you’d be interested in than please do get in touch. Just bear in mind that the
further from London you live, the more advance you should provide as we sometimes need to
transport the bikes rather than ride them a very long distance.


Want a little peak at some of the bike we use? Well you’re in luck.

Here are some of the types of bike we use. Just a quick look and you’ll see for yourself just how
varied the range is for being quite small.

If you’d like to hire out any of our bikes then please in touch via the contact page.